Thursday, 27 October 2016

The Best Way to Get a Rustic look

When you’re looking to create a home, sometimes you want to go rustic. With faux brick panels of woodsy colors to choose from, along with some other great means to create this, it’s often something that many people who are into creating a great tone would like to do. But do you know of some of the bet ways in order to do this? Well, you can learn through this article, which will go over how to create a rustic and homey look to your abode.

The first, is colors.  With the colors, you want to focus mostly on green, cream white, gray, and rust for the exterior colors and accents. For example, you should look for some faux brick panels in that color, especially in the greens, creams, and grays.  Then, you can use the rust, black, and crimson for the accent pieces and furniture.  You don’t’ want to paint the walls those colors, because it’s extremely distracting unless you’re going an accent wall.

Now, there are other key elements to this as well, not just the faux brick panels that you can implement.  You can find some great woven rugs that fit this, taxidermy and throws that work for this, anything outdoorsy or mountainous, some plain colors, wool blankets, iron in black, some weather and suede for the furnishings, some hangings that are on the wall that could be woven, various pendant lights that have the draping cords open.  If you’re looking for some sort of accent pieces, you can get some natural wood.  White paneling is also your friend, along with cement and reclaimed wood, especially for the exterior.

As for the paint, go for the matte natural undertones.  For the bedding, go with linens, and if you want to decorate a bedroom, get some tableware.  You should make sure that there isn’t a ton of pattern to this. If you want to incorporate plants, get ones with green wreaths.  If you’re stuck on throws, you can get striped and plaid ones.  If you’re looking for good table surface, get something that is rough.  In this, most of the pattern is conveyed through the texture.

Now, what you should avoid for this look is actually pretty obvious. You want a sort of country setting, so any sparkling accents that look glamorous, white furniture besides small stools or a ghost sofa, anything with the pastel colors or metallic silver in it, any formal lighting, any floral or bold colors, or any flowers that just stand out.  Remember, you are creating a rustic tone, and this is the best way to do it.

This article showed you just how you can create the undertones that you want to for your home. Try these, see what you can get with them, and from there, you can determine how your home will look, the fate of it, and the like from this as well, making it look even better than before thought possible.